Seminars and Proceedings

Since the establishing of the Beckley Foundation in 1998, Amanda has drawn together high-level academics from different disciplines, together with politicians and policy experts, to discuss drug policy and science in a confidential setting.

The Beckley Foundation was at the forefront of the creation of an evidence-base for the development of new drug policies. Until that point, there had been very little academic analysis of the successes and failures of current national and international drug policy approaches. Now, the principle of evidence-based drug policy is widely accepted.

Proceedings documents for the seminars are available to download from the boxes above.

UNGASS and the Contribution of Civil Society

September 22, 2010 Seminars

House of Lords, Palace of Westminster, London 4TH December 2006 9.30am – 5.30pm This seminar was arranged to review the preparations for the forthcoming global review of the international drug control system. The review by national governments, under the auspices of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), is likely to consist of […]

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The Role of Drugs in Society

September 22, 2010 Seminars

As part of a series of seminars entitled, ‘Society & Drugs: A Rational Perspective,’ the Beckley Foundation hosted a discussion over dinner at The Royal Society on Wednesday 19th February 2003. This followed a public talk involving three speakers sponsored by The Royal Society and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, entitled “Narco-odysseys.” Biographies of the […]

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A Rational Scale of Harm

September 9, 2010 Achievements

Development of a Rational Scale to Assess the Harm of Drugs of Potential Misuse Article in the Lancet 2007: 369, 1047-1053 (Full Text) One of the recurring themes of the Beckley Foundation seminars over the last few years has been highlighting the haphazard and inflexible nature of the current classification system for illegal drugs, which […]

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