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Petition: Have the Misuse of Drugs Act Discussed in Parliament

April 5, 2013 Drug abuse

A new e-petition has been set up on the gov.uk website calling for an impact assessment of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act. The petition has one year to collect 100,000 signatures, and if successful will prompt a debate of the effectiveness of the primary piece of drug legislation in the UK.

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Report from cross-party Parliamentary Group calls for radical drug policy reform

January 14, 2013 Drug abuse

A panel of peers from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform today released a new report. It focuses on ‘legal highs’, but also makes a number of other recommendations including decriminalising personal drug use and introducing a ‘class D’ to the current classification system, to allow carefully controlled sale of those psychoactives considered to pose a relatively low risk of harm. It is the third major report in as many months to recommend sweeping changes to UK drug policy.

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Comment: Politicians don’t have the guts to support us in public

December 6, 2012 Beckley in the Media

Politicians will say many things privately but never dare utter them in public, especially when in office. Only when they are out of power do they reveal their true feelings. And this is no truer than the when addressing the ‘D’ word – drugs. Support the regulation of drugs and your career could be over. Or could it?

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‘Legal Highs’ and the Dangers of Bad Laws

August 7, 2012 Drug abuse

HUFFINGTON POST Click here for original article A recent UK Home Office report sounded the alarms about the identification of 17 previously ‘unknown’ drugs that had never before been seen in the UK –setting off a legislative rush to ban these so-called ‘legal highs’. The UK is far from alone. The European Monitoring Centre for […]

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Diazepam boom threatens more drug deaths, say experts

July 3, 2012 Drug abuse

Amateur laboratories producing class C drug in response to rising demand from a young generation unaware of its dangers Click here for original article in the Guardian Addiction experts are warning that a ballooning illicit trade in a tranquilliser popularly known as “mother’s little helper” is now a significant factor behind many drug-related deaths. They […]

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Is the future of drugs safe and non-addictive?

June 11, 2012 Drug abuse

In years to come alcohol may be replaced with happier alternatives and we could all be immunised against developing harmful habits   The next 20 years hold great opportunities for drugs research. We could see the development of pharmacological substitutes, agents to block the effects of drugs and help people break addictions, and drug-based aids […]

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Response to drug problems hampered by government reforms, research shows

May 7, 2012 Drug abuse

Report finds ability of public services to overcome addiction and break the cycle of illicit drug use and crime has been reduced Research by the UK Drug Policy Commission looked at the impact of rapid structural reforms on the ability of the public services to tackle drug problems. Photograph: PA Of the coalition’s changes to […]

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