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With 17 years of experience at the front-line of drug policy reform and numerous scientific studies, the Beckley Foundation will assist Jamaica’s government by advising and providing feedback on global drug policy issues, assisting in helping set up the key elements necessary for a successfully-regulated industry, and interacting with medical research and product development. Amanda Feilding will draw on her experience of advising members of the governments of various countries, including Guatemala, Mexico, and Ireland.

anthonyHylton AmandaBeckley Foundation Conference ‘Jamaica’s Regulated Cannabis Industry: First Steps’ an Immense Success

Amanda Feilding_b squareJamaica’s Pioneering Journey Towards Cannabis Regulation

white-Mountains_resize-def copy‘Jamaica’s Regulated Cannabis Industry: First Steps’ Flyer

‘Jamaica’s Regulated Cannabis Industry: First Steps’ Programme

Mark_GoldingBeckley Foundation, in collaboration with the Jamaican Government, present the conference: ‘Jamaica’s Regulated Cannabis Industry: First Steps’


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