Beckley/Imperial Team Members Win at British Association for Psychopharmacology Summer Meeting


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Congratulations to Beckley/Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme team members Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris and Mendel Kaelen, who have each won prizes at the British Association for Psychopharmacology Summer Meeting 2015.

BAP award winners 2015
Dr. Carhart-Harris (m) with the other BAP award winners

Dr. Carhart-Harris, who is the lead investigator of the Beckley/Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme, won the Junior Clinical Prize. During the award session, he presented on ‘Psychedelic Drugs in Science and Medicine’. He spoke about his efforts translating brain-imaging work with psychedelics into clinical application, using the insights gained about neural mechanisms to support clinical study, and how psychedelics could be used to help bridge the gap between pharmacology and psychotherapy. He described our ongoing Medical Research Council funded trial using psilocybin for treatment resistant depression, where participants were given two doses of psilocybin a week apart during psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy sessions. Dr. Suzi Gage has written a report on Robin’s presentation here.

BAP poster prize winners 2015
Mendel Kaelen (l) with the other poster prize winners

Mendel won the Poster Prize, with a poster titled ‘An fMRI study to the effects of LSD on the subjective response to music’, which investigates how LSD and music interact to influence eyes-closed imagery. This neuroimaging study complements the recently published study by the Beckley/Imperial team investigating the effect of LSD on emotional responses to music.

It is encouraging to see the valuable work of the Beckley/Imperial team acknowledged, and heartening to know we have an award winning team conducting this pioneering research.

For more information about the Beckley/Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme, visit our research page.

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