The Brave New Worlds of Crowdfunding Science


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Our LSD crowdfunding campaign, which we developed in collaboration with the Beckley/Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme, was a massive success. It reached its £25,000 goal in just 48 hours and more than doubled it by its target date. Writing for EuroScientist, Arran Frood discusses the funding drive and future opportunities with our Director, Amanda Feilding.

The Beckley Foundation, which supports both research and policy work related to prohibited drugs, co-funded the Imperial LSD study. “Since we had a great response to our LSD campaign, which shows the widespread interest of the public in the topic, I am already exploring other projects, such as researching the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis on brain and breast cancer,” says Beckley foundation founder Amanda Feilding, based in Oxfordshire, UK.

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Photo by Larry W. Lo

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