Amanda Feilding Talks Drug Policy Reform on London Real


in Beckley in the Media

“It’s time to change: the War on Drugs has Failed.” – Amanda Feilding

Amanda Feilding is the guest on the latest episode of London Real, and the first to be featured in their new-look studio. In it, Amanda discusses with Brian Rose the failings of current world drug policy, where the problems lie and how things need to change. She describes how up until now, the US have dictated the terms of the UN’s War on Drugs, and how before the US, many of the foundations of the War on Drugs can be traced back to Christianity’s persecution of mysticism and exploration of human consciousness.

Amanda explains how her early life and experiences led to her interest first in human consciousness, then on to psychedelic research, and how this prompted her to found the Beckley Foundation and influence world drug policy for the better. The findings of the Beckley Foundation’s scientific programme are explained, from her work on uncovering the neuroprotective benefits of CBD in cannabis, through the Beckley-Imperial Collaboration work discovering the neurological mechanisms of psychedelics like psilocybin, and how this work is now being carried further in landmark studies with LSD. Throughout, she describes how the language used around psychedelics and drugs generally can influence people’s opinions of them, and how the taboos are now being broken, through using more positive and constructive language in describing these substances.

The interview provides a great insight into the work of the Beckley Foundation and the states of psychedelic research and drug drug policy. Watch the public edit on YouTube, or for the full episode, sign up to become a London Real member.

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