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This is your brain on LSD? Scientists want to find out


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Amanda Feilding talks to Parvati Shallows of CBS News about our crowdfunding campaign and the Beckley Foundation Psychedelic Research Programme.

CBS News – March 6th 2015

Would you pay money to support a scientific experiment involving illegal drugs?

“We went into it tenuously and have been delighted by the response,” said Fielding. “It’s an incredibly important area. LSD is something that can expand certain areas of the human personality: openness, spirituality, and creativity. But because of the government prohibition of these substances there has been no recent scientific research.”

In the 1950s and 60s, LSD was explored as an aid to psychotherapy for various psychiatric illnesses. LSD research was short-lived, however, and the drug was declared illegal in the late 1960s. Its classification as a Schedule I drug — meaning it has high potential for abuse and lacks any currently accepted medical use in treatment — has made it nearly impossible for scientists to research.

Only recently have scientists begun to push the door back open to study LSD and other hallucinogenic substances. Fielding’s team is working hard to provide substantial scientific research to help eliminate the taboo of LSD and other hallucinogenic substances and loosen regulations on scientific testing.

“There are many millions of people who have experienced the benefits of psychedelics, and there are millions of people who are suffering with illnesses that want to see if these drugs can help,” said Fielding.

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