Get drunk without a hangover on synthetic booze


in Beckley in the Media

Together with Prof David Nutt we’re developing new tools to fight alcohol harms.

Professor David Nutt has developed two new drugs that could do away with liver damage and alcohol-induced shame
By Rebecca Burn-Callander, and Zoe Cormier

The Telegraph

22 Jan 2015

“Alcohol uniquely masquerades as a number of neurotransmitters. Booze is the ultimate molecular maverick, which explains why so many of us are hooked. “Alcohol is a promiscuous drug,” says Nutt. It is also called the “dirty drug” because of its capacity to invade every cell in the body.

Nutt has applied for patents on 85 new chemical compounds in the alcosynth and chaperone families, which would be licensed to DrugsScience, and the Beckley Foundation, both independent organisations dedicated to research on drugs and drugs policy research.”


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