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Psychedelic Science Conference 2013


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The Psychedelic Science conference was held in Oakland California on 18 – 22 April. The Beckley Foundation was a co-host of the conference along with MAPS, Heffter, and the Council for Spiritual Practices. Read Beckley Foundation founder and director Amanda Feilding’s introductory address here, and her main talk here. Videos of both talks will be available soon. 

The Psychedelic Science conference, co-hosted by the Beckley Foundation [1], brought together researchers from around the world to discuss research, clinical trials, and medical discoveries involving psychedelic substances. Representatives from 33 countries traveled to San Francisco last weekend to share the latest medical discoveries involving psychedelic substances., highlighting the efficacy and therapeutic potential of psilocybin, MDMA, cannabis, LSD and ayahuasca.

Amanda Feilding, Founder and Director of the Beckley Foundation, delivered opening remarks, welcoming the international community to this important meeting of minds while explaining the tremendous promise of the field. She suggested that the taboo plaguing psychedelic research may finally have begun to fade, pointing out some of the promising trials and pilot studies that have been conducted since the last Psychedelic Science conference in 2010.

On Sunday, she presented an in-depth report of the Beckley Foundation’s research, focusing on our investigations into the effects of psilocybin and MDMA and their possible therapeutic potential for treatment of disorders including major depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and even nicotine addiction (smoking).

Professor David Nutt also spoke at the conference, delivering a thorough presentation on the Beckley-Imperial Psychedelic Research Programme, which carried out the first advanced imaging (using both MRI and MEG techniques) of the effects of psilocybin and MDMA on the human brain.

Amanda and Professor Nutt also discussed the value of this research both for neuroscience and for clinical development, and the deleterious effect of government restrictions on scientific research with the psychedelics.

The Psychedelic Science conference was an opportunity to mingle, connect, discuss, and learn from the best researchers around the world.  Coming together is an important step in the knowledge process, fostering knowledge transfer and information sharing while providing an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and inspire.

The Beckley Foundation looks forward to the next Psychedelic Science conference, which is tentatively planned for April 2014.

[1]Psychedelic Science was hosted by the Beckley Foundation, MAPS, Heffter, and the Council for Spiritual Practices (CSP).

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