In Colombia, Cameron’s stance on drugs looks cynical


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Fidel Cano Correa, respected Colombian journalist and editor of the Colombian daily ‘el Espectador’ mentioned the Beckley Foundation as one organisation pushing for global change in an Observer piece this weekend, and criticises David Cameron for neglecting the international consequences of his domestic drug policy.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy, led by former presidents Gaviria of Colombia, Zedillo of Mexico, and Cardoso of Brazil as well as Clinton and Carter of the US, has joined the Beckley Foundation in the UK and Colombian and Guatemalan presidents Juan Manuel Santos and Otto Perez Molina in asking world leaders to support the exploration of more effective options to control the demand and supply of illegal drugs and minimise violence. Where is Great Britain in this debate? Will Cameron let his country be left to one side as major shifts in political and public opinion swirl around his nation?”

David Cameron’s defence of the current policy is that it is ‘actually working in Britain’, but he neglects the fact that the policy is not working in the world. While western nations consume most of the drugs, the ‘savage violence that very nearly destroys a country’s civil and legal institutions is kept far from their citizens’

As Correa puts it, “Votes assured in the UK, the problem kept far away”.

Read the Beckley Foundation Public Letter calling for a new approach to global drug policy, signed by members of the Global Commission and Presidents Santos and Molina of Colombia and Guatemala, at

Fidel Cano Correa, the Observer 16th December: ‘In Colombia, Cameron’s stance on drugs looks cynical’ 

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