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Report of the Global Commission on Drug Policy


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Thursday June 2, 2011 saw the publication of the Global Commissions Report on Drug Policy which implores that we begin the transformation of the current prohibitionist approach to drug policy (which has been based on ideology and political convenience) into the development of evidence-based, cost-effective, harm-reducing drug policies.  These are aims that the Beckley Foundation has been championing for many years.

The Report highlights the devastating consequences of the war on drugs, that has been sadly fought over the last 50 years, and calls for an end to the taboo surrounding debate and reform.   Governments are encouraged to experiment with models of decriminalisation and legal regulation in order to undermine the power of organised crime.  It further suggests that resources be focussed on health and treatment services instead of criminalising users.

The Beckley Foundation is working closely with the Global Commission and we are delighted to be providing the European platform to disseminate their Report at our Meeting in November at the House of Lords.  This Meeting will launch the Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform which the Beckley Foundation is hosting in collaboration with the UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform. 

The BF has commissioned a new Draft UN Convention on All Illegal Drugs which will provides the key to enable change in countries interested in reform.

To download Full Report as a pdf, click here.

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