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Over the last 40 years, cannabinoid chemistry and pharmacology have been the object of thousands of publications. For obvious reasons, most attention has been paid to Cannabis. As cannabidiol (CBD; generally found in relatively high concentrations in Cannabis, several groups have also investigated the pharmacological activities of this component, although not to the extent that THC was investigated. Over the last decade, however, interest in CBD has increased considerably.

Several groups have summarized the knowledge gathered on CBD up to the last few years [1– 5]. We have published two concise reviews, the first dealing with the chemistry of CBD, and the second related to its pharmacology and biological effects. The aim of the present review is to collect some of the recent publications, to give a general overview of the field, with emphasis on biochemical/pharmacological advances as well as on novel mechanisms recently revealed, and to try to shed light on some of the pharmacological effects that can possibly be rationalized through these mechanisms.

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