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Cannabis: What’s The Harm?


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In BBC3 documentary Cannabis: What’s the Harm, Ex-EastEnders star James Alexandrou, pictured, talks about his drug use for the first time and investigates the effects of Britain’s favourite illegal drug, from cannabis sold on the street to the hidden world of organised crime.

After the newspapers published a photo of him with a joint in 2008 he found himself caught up in a media storm about cannabis. And the drug continues to be a controversial topic today sparking passionate discussions on both sides of the legalisation debate. So as part of the Dangerous Pleasures Season BBC Three is exploring what the effects of cannabis really are.

When asked what James hoped for people to learn from watching the series he replied
‘I think again I can speak from what I got from it and hope that people get the same as that, this idea about education on the subject really. It’s not just this little green leaf you buy off the street; this is so much more complex than that. There’s all different types of weed out there that do all sorts of different things to your body which I wasn’t aware of and I think if you are going to take a drug you should make an effort to find out as much about that drug as possible.’

The BF supports this view,  our ultimate aim is to reduce the harm currently being done by the misuse of drugs which is largely created by misconceived drugs legislation. We are hoping to initiate the adoption of new policies which  are rational, and which  take into account evidence, rather than being rooted – as at present – in unscientific ideology.

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