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Mexico Legalizes Drug Possession
New York Times – August 21, 2009

Lessons from the Dutch
New York Times – by Prof. Peter Reuter in Room for debate blogs – July 19th, 2009.

City trying to ‘hash out’ pot issue – the official website of Denmark.
7th July 2009.

Beckley Foundation issues Global Cannabis Commission Report
WestCoastLeaf – by Amanda Feilding and Jonathan Hazell; Summer Issue 2009.

Drug Policy in the Americas: At last a Debate
The Economist – 25th June 2009.

The drugs do work, for a lot of people
by Claudia Rubin head of policy and communications for drugs charity Release.
The Guardian; 4th May 2009.

Marijuana and cocaine should be legalised, says Latin American Drugs Commission
by Duncan Campbell, The Guardian; 28th May 2009.

Comment: Get real, drug czars
by Robin Room, New Scientist; 20th May 2009.

Tripping Over Red Tape
Katrina Megget, Chemistry World; May 2009.

The Challenges in Developing a Rational Cannabis Policy
Current Opinion in Psychiatry – 2009 by Wayne Hall and Michael Lynskey.

The War on Pot Is an Abject Failure … Now’s the Time for a New Approach
By Jag Davies, AlterNet; April 22, 2009.

Schwarzenegger: California should have a debate about legalising pot
The Guardian – 6th May 2009

Northside Tonight – Lady Amanda Neidpath of the Beckley Foundation tells Michael Fitzgerald about the purpose and the objectives of the Global Cannabis Commission.
Near 90fm, Dublin, 07/04/09

Cultural Baggage Radio Show Lady Neidpath, Amanda Fielding, director of the Beckley Foundation on drug research in the UK is interviewed at the UN drug conference in Vienna by Michael Krawitz

Cannabis Laws Cause Harm
Sky News – Thursday 19th March 2009 -Many harms associated with cannabis use result from prohibition rather than the drug itself…

Beckley Cannabis Commission Side Event to UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs 2009
Reporting live from CND 2009 – 16th March 2009 – Presentation by Amanda Feilding, Lady Neidpath and Profs. Robin Room and Peter Reuter

La ONU revisa la eficacia de la guerra contra las drogas
El Pais, Madrid – 12th March 2009 – Interview with Amanda Feilding, Lady Neidpath by Fernando Peinado

Drogas: Diferentes Estrategias
Redaccion BBC Mundo – 11th March 2009 – Interview with Amanda Feilding, Lady Neidpath

How to stop the drug wars
The Economist – 5th March 2009

The Global Drug Charade
The Guardian – 10th March 2009 by Mike Trace

Semana International – 27th February 2009 – Former Latin American presidents Cardoso, Gaviria and Zedillo told the United States what it didn’t want to hear: that their fight against drugs has failed and that it’s time to seek another approach.

The Big Question: Is it time the world forgot about cannabis in its war against drugs?
The Independent by Michael McCarthy – Friday 3rd October 2008

Sense on Drugs
The Statesman by Jeremy Sare – 2nd February 2009

Cannabis & Crime
New Scientist Magazine – 4th February 2009 – Letter to the Editor by Amanda Neidpath

Radical Alternatives Proposed for Cannabis Controls
New Scientist Magazine – 30 December 2008 by Andy Coghlan

Beyond experimentation
The Guardian by Duncan Campbell – Thursday 2nd October 2008

Report Urges Regulated Market for Cannabis to Replace Prohibition
The Guardian by Duncan Campbell – Thursday 2nd October 2008

‘Dagga less harmful than alcohol or tobacco’
Cape Times – Friday 3rd October 2008

Se la Scienza boccia il Proibizionismo
Fuori Luogo by Grazia Zuffa – 26th October 2008

Un estudio dice que el cannabis es menos daino que el alcohol y el tabaco
El Pais, Spain by Walter Oppenheimer – Friday 3rd October 2008

Alcohol, Smoking Worse than Pot: Report
Yahoo 7 News, Australia – Friday 3rd October 2008

“Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol”
Cannabis is less harmful than drinking or smoking cigarettes, according to a report
Sky News – Thursday 2nd October 2008

Radio Interviews:

Radio New Zealand Interview Jeremy Sare is a Cannabis reform expert and former head of Drug Legislation and Classification at the Home Office in the UK, who works as a consultant of the Beckley Foundation – 18th February 2009

Drug Truth Network – Dean Becker – Thursday 30th October 2008

City Talk – Duncan Barkes – Wednesday 22nd October 2008

NEAR90fm – Community Radio for Northeast Dublin – Michael Fitzgerald – 2nd November 2008


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