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The ISSDP was initiated at the Beckley Foundation Global Drug Policy Seminar 2004.

Currently the ISSDP Coordinating Committee is chaired by Professor Peter Reuter of the University of Maryland, USA . Its Vice-President is Alison Ritter, Associate Professor at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Australia.

The other Committee members are:

  • Henri Bergeron (Senior Research Fellow at The French National Centre for Scientific Research)
  • Sandeep Chawla, (Head of Research and Policy Analysis at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
  • Börje Olsson (SoRAD, the Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs at Stockholm University, Sweden)
  • Pia Rosenqvist (Nordic Council for Alcohol and Drug Research)
  • Tomáš Zábranský (Centre for Addictology of the Psychiatric Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine and the General University Hospital of Charles University, Czech Republic)
  • Alex Stevens (University of Kent, UK), is the ISSDP Secretary.

Recent years have seen a growing number of scientific analysts, within and outside of government, become interested in understanding the effects of drug policies. The recently formed ISSDP aims to:

  • Develop relations among these analysts and thus strengthen the field.
  • Be a forum for high quality drug policy analysis.
  • Develop the scientific base for policy decisions.
  • Improve the interface between researchers and policy makers.

The inaugural conference of the ISSDP took place in Oslo in March 2007 and the Second Annual Conference of the Society took place in Lisbon on April 3-4, 2008.

Second Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (April 3-4 2008, Lisbon, Portugal)
The second annual conference and meeting of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy (ISSDP) addressed the themes of drug policy evaluation, drug policy models, drug-related security and nuisance concerns as well as integrated approaches to both licit and illicit drugs.

The conference was held in Lisbon, April 3-4 2008. The event was supported by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and the Instituto da Droga e da Toxicodependencia (IDT).

The four themes of the conference were:

  • Developing drug policy evaluation: where are we?
  • Defining drug policy models/types.
  • The rise of security and public nuisance concerns.
  • The integrated approach to both licit and illicit drugs: From theory to practice.
  • For more information and to read some of the talks presented at the conference visit the website of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy

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