Cluster Headaches – A New Treatment?


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This study uses 2-bromo-LSD, which is LSD stripped of the part that makes it psychoactive. The research aims to find out if the chemical can prevent cluster headaches – a particularly painful and difficult to treat form of head pain.

It is being done with the support of the Beckley Foundation at Hannover Medical School with Professors Matthias Karst and Torsten Passie.

Whilst cluster headaches are classified as vascular headaches, the pain associated with them is caused by a disturbance of the hypothalamus, which irritates one of the nerves that runs through the face. Sufferers have reported getting relief from both LSD and psilocybin.

The results of the study have shown that three doses of Bromo-LSD within a 10 day period either broke the cluster headache cycle or substantially reduced the pain and frequency of attacks. This may prove to be the first step in developing the first effective a treatment for the condition.

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