Description of the Moskalenko Method


in Cranial Compliance

The Moskalenko Method (MM) makes use of bio-impedance data supplied by rheoencephalography (REG), and blood flow data supplied by transcranial dopplerography (TCD), Chest respiratory movements and periphery blood pulsation, taken from finger, to provide information on the nature of cerebral blood flow and the level of Cranial Compliance.

Recording the dynamic conditions of brain circulation in a single subject can be completed in less than 15 minutes with this method, enabling a much simpler method of monitoring cerebral fluid movements than by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Digital analysis of the recorded data using PowerLab allows for assessment of the interaction between the two fluid systems (CV and CSF) both at rest and in response to a series of tests that apply specific functional loads to each system individually. Analysing the interaction between the two systems enables us to determine the nature of the pressure/volume relationship, which in turn reflects the quality and quantity of the cerebral circulatory processes.

Transcranial Dopplerography TCD

Measure the velocity of blood movement in the large brain arteries, the transound beam is focused at section M1 of the middle cerebral artery, both as a steady state flow and as a pulse index, which respectively reveal an averaged (main) linear velocity of blood through the artery, and the volume changes that occur during the cardiac cycle.  Also allows the determination of a pulsation index, which allows researchers to determine cerebral vascular tone.


Measures CSF movements, (front-mastoid electrode position), produces the rheographical index which allows researchers to indirectly judge the changes of tone in peripheral blood vessels.


The instrumental complex for this research consists of a special analogue-digital converter, which enables pattern, phase and spectral analysis of the TCD and REG recordings. PowerLab also allows simultaneous recording of respiratory chest movements and ECG to be uploaded

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