in Achievements


Achievements of the Beckley Foundation in the field of Drug Policy include:

  • Beckley Foundation Seminars: These highly influential seminars have been instrumental in persuading policy-makers and opinion-formers to accept the need for drugs policy reform.
  • Scale of Harm: Beckley introduced the principal of the Scale of Harm – a scientifically-based measure of the relative risks associated with different drugs. The Scale is now widely accepted as the best way of assessing drugs for legal categorisation.
  • Research initiated by the Beckley Foundation has demonstrated that hallucinogenic drugs have benefits as well as risks, and that legal substances such as nicotine and alcohol subject their users to substantially greater harm than many illegal substances.
  • The Cannabis Commission the Foundation convened this comprehensive, expert review of the social and economic effects of cannabis prohibition.. Its report made clear , for the first time, that the current policy regarding this drug plays a crucial role in maintaining the most damaging aspects of the worldwide drugs trade.
  • A new Draft Convention for Cannabis Policy , based on the conclusions of the Cannabis Commission, provides a blueprint for future drugs policy which has helped bring about reform in several countries (notably Brazil and Denmark).
  • The Foundation has set up two influential organisations:
  • The International Drug Policy Consortium
  • The International Society for the Study of Drug Policy
  • The Beckley Foundation was launched in Guatemala at the invitation of President Otto Pérez Molina, in order to assist in the development of new and more effective drug policies in July 2012.


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